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Light Alarm Clock
Light Alarm ClockLight Alarm ClockLight Alarm ClockLight Alarm ClockLight Alarm Clock
    • Light Alarm Clock
    • Item No: DM005
    • RC alarm clock with start light effect

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    Detailed parameters

    Dimension5*5*5 cm
    Qty / carton20 pc
    Carton Meas.30*30*30 cm

    Design modern analog Aldi 2018

    White light color similar to Philips Wake Up Light HF3520/01

    Buttons feel Easy to use (easy to press buttons, product is not overturned by pressing the buttons)

    with tunes and radio

    10 alarm sounds, e.g. sea surf, rain, brook noise similar to Philips Wake Up Light HF3520/01

    alarm tones + light intensity dimmable in 18 levels

    Night light in different colors

    Sleep timer (adjustable up to 60 min)

    Snooze function

    5-30 min. before the set alarm time the light starts to light up very slowly (sunrise simulation)

    Now one of the 10 alarm tones will be audible very softly to reach the set volume after 60 seconds

    Snooze function after 10 min.

    Wellness tones

    Anti-slip rubber coating

    incl. 3 x AA alkaline Japanese brand battery (Shelf life: DDP + 3 years)

    incl. adapter (with TÜV GS)

    - 1A USB socket (5 V / 1 A)

    - Display brightness: 4 adjustable levels

    - Radio clock (DCF & MSF [for relevant regions with corresponding time difference]

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