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    • RC alarm clock
    • Item No: DM009
    • RC signal: DCF, MSF, WWVB

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    Detailed parameters

    Dimension5*5*5 cm
    Qty / carton20 pc
    Carton Meas.30*30*30 cm

    Wireless weather station with color display
    Extra-thin frame
    RCC clock, DCF or MSF for countries with corresponding time difference  
    12/24 hrs display
    RF433 outdoor temperature sensor + hygrometer
    Internal temperature + hygrometer
    Min. + Max. memory of temperature + hygrometer
    Weather forecast based on barometric pressure
    Weekdays Display
    snooze alarm
    Moon phase
    Illuminated VA color display (very high resolution, light and without shadow) analog TFA Neon 300
    Outdoor sensor, each with a TX (reset switch) and a switch for selecting the temperature unit
    Outdoor sensor with 3 adjustable channels
    high range (up to 100m in open terrain)
    Weather forecast with animated symbols
    2 alarm times
    temperature alarm
    Climate comfort display
    Warning indicator Battery status for station and sensor
    Outdoor sensor with digital display
    Barometric pressure graph and individual values of the last 12 hours
    The battery compartment must be written in such a way that the battery must first be placed in the sensor and then in the weather station !!
    Batt. Low indication for transmitter and weather station in display of the weather station
    Technical specifications:
    Temperature measuring accuracy +/- 2 ° C
    Humidity measuring accuracy +/- 8%
    Air pressure accuracy +/- 8 hPa
    Included supply:
    2x AA branded Japanese alkaline battery for station + 2x AA Japanese branded alkaline battery for sensor (battery life: DDP+ 3 years)

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