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CO2 MonitorCO2 MonitorCO2 MonitorCO2 Monitor
    • CO2 Monitor
    • Item No: DM6502
    • Dimension:       206 x 35 x 167 mm

      Material:           plastic

      Qty/carton:       20pc

      Carton Meas.:    41.5 x 36.8 x 45.2 cm

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  • Detailed parameters


    LCD size: 182 x 130 mm

    CO² measuring range: 400 ~ 5000 PPM

    CO² level indicator: good (400~700 PPM) / normal (700~1000 PPM) / poor (1000~5000 PPM)

    CO² monitoring alert

    Temperature range: -9.9°C - 50°C

    Humidity range: 20% ~ 95%

    Max/min record of CO², temperature & humidity value

    Time and calendar display, time alarm function

    Power supply: 5V1A adaptor or 3 x AA batteries

    Data below for your reference:

    400~600ppm background (normal) outdoor air level.

    600~1,000ppm Typical level for footprint with good air exchange.

    1,000~1,500ppm Start room ventilation.

    1,500~2,000ppm Levels associated with drowsiness and complaints of poor air. Ventilation is recommended!

    2,000~5,000ppm Levels associated with headaches, lethargy and stagnant, stale, stuffy air. Difficulty concentrating, difficulty concentrating, increased heart rate, and mild nausea may also occur.

    Ventilation is highly recommended!

    >5,000ppm exposure may cause severe hypoxia, resulting in permanent brain damage, coma and death.

    Immediate ventilation is required!

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